Teddy dino triceratops 25 cm.
SKU: 3805
Teddy dino is more than just a cuddly friend. With care and attention to detail, the teddy dino stands out as a unique and charming plush toy. This teddy dino is waiting to be your cuddly companion.

Floor puzzle with dino park, 9 foam tiles
SKU: 5636
Welcome to the enchanting world of Foam Floor, where imagination runs wild! Step into our magical Dino Park and let the child immerse themselves on this soft and safe floor in a timeless journey to the era of the past, where majestic dinosaurs ruled. From the dangerous T-Rex to the friendly Brontosaurus, there are no limits to the adventures. The Foam Floor in Dino Park is a magical place where children can unleash their imagination and creativity. Compliant with EU standards and specific regulations.

Floor puzzle with dino, 9 foam tiles
SKU: 5637
The cute Dinos Foam Floor is the perfect place for children to play and explore. With its colorful dinosaurs and soft foam surface, it creates an exciting environment where imagination can run wild. Children can jump, crawl, and play on this foam floor while discovering the different dinosaur species and creating their own adventures. With the Dino Foam Floor, playtime is never dull, and it quickly becomes a favorite spot for little adventurers to explore and have fun. Compliant with EU standards and specific regulations.

Dinosaur car with pull-back
SKU: 3134
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Playing with a Dino truck is a great way to encourage imitative and imaginary play! A child can learn about different animals while playing with a pull-back car. There are 8 different figures in the set.

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Water game with Dino horizontal, 4 assorted colors
SKU: 3638
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Kan du samle alle ringene på stavene? Dette vandspil er det velkendte spil, hvor ringene bevæger sig i vand når du trykker på knapperne. Vandspillene har motiv af forskellige dinoer Super nemt og simpelt spil, der er let at have med på farten. Dyst mod dine venner og se, hvem der kan samle flest ringe på kortest tid. Vandspillet kommer i 4 assorteret modeller. 3+
Growing egg with XL dinosaur
SKU: 2579
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Watch a dinosaur hatch from a magical egg. Put the growing egg in fresh water. After 24-48 hours the egg will start to hatch a baby dino. Let the baby dino sit in the water for up to 72 hours and watch it grow bigger.
Water game with Dino, 3 assorted colours
SKU: 3194
1092 on stock
Can you collect all the rings on the sticks? Dino water game is the well-known game where the rings move in water when you press the button. Super easy and simple game that's easy to take on the go. Compete against your friends and see who can collect the most rings in the shortest time. The water game comes in 3 assorted models. 3+
Jumping dino
SKU: 3564
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Take a fun jumping trip on the sweet jumping dino! The jumping dino is good for improving motor skills. The child has to balance while jumping. Air pump included. Suitable from about 1 year. Max 40 kg

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100% FSC
Dino puzzle, large, 100% FSC
SKU: 3275
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Calling all dinosaur fans! Puzzle with 9 different dinosaurs! You can also use the dinosaur pieces for play. On the board, the names of the dinosaurs are written, so the child can learn what the dinosaurs are called. The puzzle is made of FSC wood 100%.

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