100% FSC
Hammer bench
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Fin hammerbænk til de mindste børn. Hammerbænken er en klasssiker på børneværelset! En god aktivitet til barnet, der både udfordrer motorik og koordination. Her er til mange timers leg for de mindste. Hammerbænker er fremstillet i træ med flotte og rolige farver.

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Baby massage set with stack blocks 15 pcs.
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Building blocks with tactile patterns, numbers, and colors. Develops eye-hand coordination and motor skills. In addition, the set contains six massage balls, which are good for the child's sensory integration and body sensation. The set consists of 9 stacking blocks and 6 massage balls.
Wheat straw Jenga stacking cups, 6 pcs
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Bath time stacking cups made from wheat straw based bio material. Every cup has different colours and holes for the water to run through. The material is 100% bio degeradable. Producing bioplastick made from wheat straw also requires less CO2. 6 pieces in total.

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100% FSC
Magni - FSC Sorting Box
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Beautiful and decorative sorting box in FSC certified wood. There are 6 different figures with matching holes, which activate the child and stimulate both logical thinking and fine motor skills.
Magni - Penguin Stacking Tower, Blue
SKU: 2670B
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Beautiful and decorative stacking tower, which the child can get plenty of hours to work on stacking again and again. Pastel colors have a soothing effect and the design as a penguin helps to give it personality. Super entertaining activity toys that train fine motor skills and coordination between eyes and hand. High quality and completely free of harmful substances and of course painted with non-toxic paint. 1+

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100% FSC
Parking house in 100 % FSC wood
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Fun car parking garage with four with four cars in 100% FSC wood.