Blyanter med glitterfinish og viskelæder, 8 stk i sæt
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Display of packs of graphite pencils with eraser on top and body with glitter finish. Each display contains 12 pencil packs of 8 pencils. The individual packs contain 8 pencils in different colors from Glitter Collection: lilac, pink, fuchsia, red, green, blue, sky blue and yellow with glitter finish. The lead of the pencils is HB 2 mm, ideal for use at home, schools and offices. The display stand size is 160 x 270 x 190 mm and each pack measures 30 x 190 x 25 mm (width x height x thick). The pencils are 19.5 cm long (eraser included).

Multicolor kuglepen Nordic Collection
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Display of 5-ink gel pens from Nordic Collection. Each display contains 20 units, 5 units of each color: pink, violet, blue and turquoise. Pens have a soft touch finish in silicone, soft and pleasant to the touch. Writing in 5 inks colors: pink, lilac, blue, green and grey.

Farver 6 stk
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Solid poster paint Color Sticks. Pack with 6 units of 10 g in different colours: yellow, red, blue, green, brown and black. Ideal for drawing and painting on paper, cardboard, card, etc. APLI's Color Sticks do not stain; they have a satin finish, so they do not need varnish; and they dry quickly, in less than 3 minutes. Sharp, vivid and intense colours. You can achieve different finishes according to the pressure exerted: light pressure = crayon effect; a lot of pressure = tempera effect. When the drawing is finished, it does not crack, it remains flexible. Does not contain solvents

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Viskelæder jungle
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Erasers with jungle animal shapes that can be used for erasing and playing. Display with 12 erasers in 3 different models and different colors: gorilla, elephant and crocodile.

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Pack of 10 Textile marker pens, size Ø 11 x 137 mm in assorted colors: black, brown, purple, deep blue, sky blue, green, red, orange, salmon and yellow. Cylindrical bodied marker pens with round locked tip Ø 2.9 mm. APLI Kids marker pens have an anti-suffocation cap, are non-toxic, do not contain gluten and their ink is long-lasting. After use, let it dry for at least 24 hours. Cold wash, maximum temperature 30ºC. Ideal for all types of fabrics. Recommendation: For better results, the colors can be fixed by ironing once the marker ink dries.

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