You can buy from two assortments including Magni ApS.

Separate terms and conditions apply, as one is a customer at each supplier.

  • Orders to Magni are shipped and invoiced from Denmark.
  • Orders to GOKI are shipped and invoiced from Germany.

It is easy to order from both assortments online.
The shopping basket shows an overview per assortment, and order confirmation as well as invoices are sent separately.

Terms and Conditions

Magni ApS
Price is per piece.
"Unit" specifies the number of pieces in a sales package. Please order at least the minimum unit amount.

Price is per piece.
The item description specifies any number of items included per piece.
Any number of units can be ordered.

Ordering Online

Ordering from our web shop requires an active account. Create one here.
Please note that new accounts are reviewed before activation.
VAT-ID and company data must be submitted. 
For companies residing in UK, you must provide a valid EORI number.


Payment Method

Payments must be made as standard bank transfer. Bank transfers must clearly specify invoice and customer number. Unidentified payments may require extensive documentation to prove the origin.
Our accounting department can be reached by sending an e-mail to hello@magni.dk.

Worldwide Payments

Payment Terms
The applying terms and payment due date can be found on your invoice. There you will also see the relevant bank information.

New Customers

As a new customer you must register with relevant company information. This can be done either via our website or by sending an email to hello@magni.dk.
Magni will revert with your account details and payment terms. Payment terms will be decided by Magni ApS.
Fees will incur on late payments in accordance with these terms and conditions - laws and regulations apply.


Packaging and Shipment

Magni - Delivery Costs

Magni strives to ship within 2 days from receipt of order, but in some instances, we may require additional time to finish orders.
For the following countries, free shipping applies.
Order over DKK 5.000 + moms = FREE SHIPPING 

No backorders unless agreed upon
Orders over SEK 12.500 = FREE SHIPPING
No backorders unless agreed upon
No backorders unless agreed upon
Orders over € 1.250 = FREE SHIPPING
No backorders.

Free shipping is not provided for other countries.

GOKI - Delivery Costs

Shipment from GOKI = 2-3 workdays

Minimum purchase for Denmark, Sweden and Finland = 750 DKK (100 EUR) 
Minimum purchase from Norway = 1.875 DKK
Denmark: Shipping pr package = approx.10 EUR
Denmark: approx. 17 EUR
Finland: approx. 20 EUR
Norge: Calculated by weight. 
Magni offers the following GOKI discounts:
5 % on orders over € 700 (DKK 5215)
3% on advance payment
3% on orders over €350 (DKK 2608)
2% on payment within 10 days

Returns/ claims

Magni ApS allows claims to be placed up to 12 ( twelve) months after purchase, only relating to product defects.

Transport claims must be informed immediately upon receipt of delivery.

Please e-mail your claim to hello@magni.dk
Include in your message:
- Invoice no.
- Customer no.
- Contact information and phone
- Description of the problem, including images 

Manufacturing defects

Any problems related to manufacturing defects may be covered by Magni ApS´ return policy. Returns must be authorized via advance message and documentation.

Other malfunctions

The return policy does not cover any malfunction or defect caused by another sudden problem (such as dropping) intentional or caused by negligence, due to transportation, force majeure, water, fire or wrong use. Batteries, strings, adjustment/calibration or similar are not covered.

Transportation damage

It is important to examine the shipment upon receiving it, as any problems related to transportation must be informed immediately to the transportation company.
Spare parts are not covered, and Magni cannot guarantee the availability of such items.