Wooden hanger with racing cars 2 ass.
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2 assorted colors. Cute clothes hangers with car motives.

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Luksus shoppingbag til ham og hende
SKU: 3884
995 on stock
Nice and durable shopping bag made of canvas from sustainable sources

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Wooden hanger with owls 2.ass
SKU: 2403
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Children's hangers in two different colors. The hanger has a small owl to sit on it. ATTENTION: The product should not be treated as a toy!

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Penguin, Panda and Dove Suitcase set (3pcs)
SKU: 3044
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This set consists of three colorful suitcases made of heavy cardboard. They have metal buckles and handles so they are easy to carry around. The trunks are very decorative with the different motifs, while also good for storing toys. In addition, they are convenient to take with you when you go on a journey to store toys. Kids will love using them in their role play to store their little treasures, books, or doll's clothes.

Replacement pushing stick for push along animals
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L= 59 cm, wood, per piece

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