100% FSC
Hammer bench, 100% FSC
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Nice hammer bench for the smallest children. The hammer bench is a classic in the children's room! A great activity for children that challenges both motor skills and coordination. Many hours of play for the little ones. Hammer benches are made of wood with beautiful and calm colours.

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Baby massage set with stack blocks 15 pcs.
SKU: 3648
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Building blocks with tactile patterns, numbers, and colors. Develops eye-hand coordination and motor skills. In addition, the set contains six massage balls, which are good for the child's sensory integration and body sensation. The set consists of 9 stacking blocks and 6 massage balls.

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100% FSC
Building blocks in storage box with farm theme, 50 pcs., 100% FSC
SKU: 3907
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Bucket with 50 wooden blocks. The bucket doubles as an attractive storage bin. The building set encourages play and reinforces knowledge of colours and shapes. The blocks have different colours and shapes of farm animals Age 18m+

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100% FSC
Parking house in 100 % FSC wood
SKU: 3355
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Fun car parking garage with four with four cars in 100% FSC wood.

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