3D display with 48 cards
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Flag, Denmark, 17cm
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Height 21 cm - Interior

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Flag, Sweden, 30cm
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30 cm - Interior Decoration

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Flag, Norway, 30cm
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30 cm - Interior Decoration

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Wooden birth stork with red and blue ribbon, small, 55 cm.
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A birth announcement is a great and cute way to let the world know that there's a new baby in the family. An old tradition that many people still hold on to. The stork comes with both a red and a blue ribbon that is tied around the stork's beak depending on whether it's a boy or a girl that has been born. Please note: The wood is not impregnated and therefore cannot withstand being left outside in rain and snow. We recommend that the stork is placed under a canopy or similar so that it not be directly affected by moisture, as moisture can damage the wood. Decoration 55cm Interior. Stork is made from MDF with legs of plywood. Stork is made from MDF with legs of plywood.

Table Stork w
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En fødselsstork er en god og sød måde at gøre omverdenen opmærksom på, at der er kommet en lille ny i familien. En gammel tradition, som mange holder fast i. Til storken medfølger både et rødt og et blåt bånd, der bindes om næbbet på storken alt efter, om det er en dreng eller en pige, der er kommet til verden. Træ stork til bordet, med blåt og rødt bånd. Kun til dekoration. For decoration use only. 62g, H: 20cm. MDF

Flag, Denmark, 30 cm.
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Create a festive atmosphere with Magni's wooden flag on a 30 cm tall wooden stick with a base. Perfect for table decoration at special occasions and birthdays, this beautifully crafted flag adds an elegant and celebratory touch to any event. Let Magni's wooden flag be the centerpiece of your next festive gathering.

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