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Busy board with gears and animals 100% FSC Wood
SKU: 3557
745 on stock
Magni Busy Board. Activity board with gears in different sizes and colors. On top of the cogwheels you will find 4 of forest animals, which together with the cogwheels can be moved around, so different combinations can be made and make the cogwheels drive around. All parts are made from 100% FSC wood.

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4 silicone bath spirit animals
SKU: 3515
2921 on stock
Cute bathing animals inspired by the Tiger, Panda, Owl and Rabbit. The bathing animals come in different colors and have holes in the top that water can run out of. The bathing animals are easy to hold for small children and is produced in silicone.

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5 pcs. stacking apple
SKU: 3518
723 on stock

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Construction Cars in a display, pull-back
SKU: 2991
1035 on stock
Wooden working cars. The cars have rubber wheels and pull-back function. Comes with 6 pcs. in display. 4 assorted models
Crocodile Baby walker 100 % FSC Wood C161753
SKU: 3555
784 on stock
Crocodile Baby walker FSC Wood

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Finger puppets dino assorted
SKU: 3586
9552 on stock
48 pcs. funny dino finger puppets pr. display box
Kiwi cake with velcro
SKU: 1139G
1052 on stock
The cake pieces can be cut and the fruits can be removed from the cake base. Comes with a wooden plate and a knife.

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Magni - FSC Sorting Box in natural colors
SKU: 3108
1132 on stock
Beautiful and decorative shape sorter box in FSC certified wood. There are 6 pieces wooden blocks with matching holes that activate the child and stimulate both logical thinking and fine motor skills when the blocks are matched to the correct holes. The natural colors have a calming effect and the design helps strengthen the child's motor skills. The sense of feeling is stimulated by the different shapes of the figures and the sense of sight is stimulated by the different colors.
Peach cake with velcro
SKU: 1139P
875 on stock
Comes with plate and cake toy knife. Pieces attaches via velcro.

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